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Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuables by renting a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are available at First State Bank. We offer several different sizes to fit your needs. Also available is the convenience of auto-debiting.



What should I keep in a safe deposit box?

Documents, home inventories, valuable small possessions or personal keepsakes that would be impossible to replace.


What shouldn't be kept in a safe deposit box?

Nothing illegal or dangerous (no gun of any kind) nor liquids or chemicals should be kept in a safe deposit box. Do not store documents that you may need in an emergency situation such as medical care directives, a passport, funeral or burial instructions.


Who can get into my safe deposit box?

Anyone named on your rental contract as a joint renter can get access to your safe deposit box.  This joint renter could be a spouse, child, attorney or other trusted friend.   You can also appoint a "deputy" or "agent" who would have access to your box in case of emergency.  This "deputy" must be authorized in the presence of a First State Bank employee to insure authorization.  You can change your "deputy" or agent anytime without altering your rental agreement.  You should keep in mind that a person with power of attorney will not be granted access to your box unless that person is also joint renter or appointed agent.  This protects you from fraudulent entry to your safe deposit box by a person whose power of attorney has been revoked without our knowledge.


Are the contents of my safe deposit box insured?

We do not provide insurance coverage for contents of the box nor are the contents insured by FDIC. Safe deposit contents can only be insured on your personal policy.



Size Annual Cost
3"x 10" $25.00
4"x 10" $30.00
5"x10" $40.00
10"x10" $60.00
Key Deposit $25.00
Charge to Drill Box $100.00 Minimum


Switch Kit  


First State Bank wants to help make the process of switching your accounts easy and organized. Click on the PERSONAL tab and Switch Kit for instructions and forms to assist you in the process.  

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